Client Feedback.


Client Feedback

I love hearing from my lovely clients, I always strive to make the experience a positive and fun one for everyone who works with me. My main goal with photography is to make people happy, and to give them images that they absolutely love, in which they can see how beautiful they really are! Here are some of the comments that lovely clients of mine have made about my work. If you've left me any feedback, thank you so much! You can email me a review here if you'd like, or just tag @tamarhopephotography in your social media posts!


Couple's Session: Mandi, Chris and Cisco

"Hubby and I rarely have our photo taken together as it is usually one of us on the business side of the camera so when we got the chance to have a photo shoot we jumped at it.
Tamar put us at ease right away and we felt really comfortable working with her. She had some fabulous ideas for the shoot which included our faithful dire wolf-in-waiting Cisco.
I feel that the pictures she has captured really do show the love between Chris and I, a love that is now 20 years old.
It was a perfect 20th anniversary present to ourselves to have such a wonderful set of pictures taken.
And we did have immense fun!!! :D"

- Mandi Neary

Thanks so much Mandi, it was wonderful spending time with you guys!


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.51.14.png

Home Session: Bethany Porter


"I usually find myself to be the polar opposite of photogenic unless I'm all tanned and made up...(i don't know, my beauty just doesn't transfer to the camera I guess). But this week Tamar managed to get so many beautiful shots of me and I love them (and her). It's so nice to have photos that I like, in which I look more natural. I especially love how they even capture my 'flaws' and make them look beautiful Like this one! Laughter lines and an overbite never looked so cute"
- Bethany Porter


Thank you for your lovely words, Beth. It was such a pleasure shooting with you!

Portrait Session: Holly Cooke

"A big thank you to Tamar Willoughby for her photo session with Holly... here is a selection of some of her amazing photos which so wonderfully capture the essence of my lovely daughter"
- Lloyd Cooke


"Last week I did a very fun shoot with an old friend of mine, Tamar Willoughby... We headed over to a local garden centre to shoot, and Tamar really did work her magic with the photographs! I ended up having over 200 pictures to choose from, but for this post I've compiled a very small selection of my favourites.  
If you live in the Staffordshire, Cheshire area and are looking for a photographer to do a family, portrait, couples, wedding, or any other type of shoot definitely head over and check Tamar's website out! There's a direct link above!"

- Holly Cooke

Thank you both for your kind words! I'm so glad that you like the images. You were a dream to shoot with, Holly!

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Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.50.48.png

Home Session | Tilly and Samaiya

"Samaiya's giggling is the best sound. Thank you for the amazing photos @tamarhopephotography"
- Tilly Stubbs

I'm so so glad you like the photos, Tilly! I had a blast with you and Samaiya!