Portobello Beach Edinburgh | Sunset Session | Nathan + Joanna

It makes me so happy whenever people want to shoot at the beach. If you know me, you’ll know that my heart is at sea. I could be anywhere in the world, but if the sand is under my feet and I can hear waves, I’m at peace. I have a wave tattooed on my arm (my only tattoo… so far) and it honestly brings me peace just to look at it and remember that the ocean exists.

If I could live anywhere in the whole world, it would be in a little seaside town where I could walk along the sand every day and raise my little surfer kiddies with their messy, sandy hair and and Matt and I could spend our evenings sitting outside watching the sun set over the ocean, breathing in the fresh salty air, and being grateful that god crafted such a magnificent thing as the ocean.

I got a bit off topic there, but this is all to say that even if we’re not quite there in our lives just yet, I am incredibly grateful to live within walking distance to the ocean (even if it is the freezing North Sea in Scotland). The fact that I can take my camera to the beach whenever I have a spare moment is amazing, and the fact that I can offer beach sessions is my favourite thing! When Nathan + Joanna said they’d want to have a session at the sea (and were even brave enough to venture out into the North Sea at 10pm at night) I was so excited to make it happen!

These two radiate love, creativity, spontaneity and joy! Their positivity is infectious and they are a true blessing to be around - everyone needs a nathan and joanna in their lives! Also, Joanna is an incredibly gifted photographer, you should definitely check out her work - joannaeliza.com

Here are some of my favourite images that we took of them (p.s my favourite photos are at the very end of this blog post!!)