Our Little Family



Hello lovely people!

I want this blog post to be an introduction to our little family. I love celebrating relationships, love, family, and the day-to-day events of life through my creative work, and what better place to start doing this than in my own little home? 

So, hi! I'm Tamar. I live in Staffordshire, England, with my husband Matt, and our two kitties Roo and Rory. Roo is a gorgeous long haired white kitty (the vets think she's crossed with a ragdoll) with a black beauty spot on her cheek, and what looks like a black and white ombre tail (I think she's absolutely gorgeous, although I am slightly biased). Rory is the most affectionate, kisses loving kitten I have ever met. She's black all over, with ginger spots and stripes here and there. She has one ginger striped leg, which I often tell her is my favourite leg out of all of the legs in the world. 

As you can probably tell, I love animals! 

I also love my husband. He is my number one fan, my biggest supporter. He's always gently encouraging me to shine, to pursue my passions and work hard at what I want. He reminds me that I'm talented, that I'm worthy of success, that I am unconditionally loved. He really is the best husband I could ever hope for.

We base our lives on the love of God, and really try to emulate that in all that we do. It's difficult,  and we are definitely human and prone to mistakes, disagreements, selfishness, etc. etc. But we always come back to God, and that always brings us closer than ever before. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my life with a man who puts God first, above all else in life. 

Matt and I love to watch YouTube and Netflix together (we actually don't want anything else, we don't even have a TV license... why would you need one when your mum pays for netflix still, haha!?) when we come home from work, and I absolutely love to cook!! We're both vegan, so I love creating new recipes (my fav is the mac and cheese that I make). If one of us has had a long or difficult day at work, nothing calms us down and warms us up like a good homemade dinner (and cake!) 

We bought our little home last year, and are slowly decorating it and turning it into the cozy place we'd love it to be! It was built in the 70's, so it still has the designs that were popular almost 50 years ago. It's full of wooden panels, which I adore, and I'd love to rip up all the carpets and lay down wooden floors too, and turn the interior of our house into a cozy little log cabin! Maybe one day (if only wooden panels weren't so dang expensive...) But I looooove decorating and making our living space look cute and cozy, so you can expect some home decor updates on this blog in the months to come. 

For now, our bedroom is our happy place. I'm slowly turning it into a greenhouse, too, which makes it even happier (I love plants). I love big white walls and wooden floorboards with cozy rugs, plants everywhere, and a huge, comfy bed filled with cushions and blankets!

Matt and I feel so blessed to be married so young, and in a place where we have jobs and a home and two beautiful kitties. We know that everything we have is a gift from God, and I always want to incorporate Him into my work, my chill, my waking and my sleeping. 

I don't know what the future holds for us, but I do know that it's going to be beautiful. I can feel it.