Portrait Session | Hanchurch Woods


Today we ventured out into Hanchurch Woods to have a little portrait session. When we left the house, it was snowing, but when we arrived, the snow had thankfully more or less stopped!

As we were pulling in to park our car, we drove through a thick cloud of what we thought was fog, but it turned out to be white smoke, since someone was burning something nearby. It was a blessing in disguise because I think it made the photos turn out beautifully! We didn't even end up taking many photos in the woods themselves, because the field opposite where we parked looked so gorgeous with the smoke in the distance!

All in all, I think that these photos were worth the freezing fingers that took them! (although i was really looking forward to getting all cozy and warm at home and sitting down with a coffee and a slice of cake for an editing session...) editing is probably my favourite thing about photography! I love learning about how all of the different settings and levels and curves and colours work together, and how manipulating each thing slightly can give such a different look to an image. I post 'before' and 'after's for a lot of the photos that I take on my photography Instagram @tamarhopewillo if you're interested in seeing how my edits change the look and feel of an image!