Home Session: Bethany.

So I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Beth where we weren't busy working (on essays or otherwise!!) and we had some time to do a little photoshoot, and I love the way these portraits turned out!

I love photographing people in a home, in a natural and familiar environment, just as much as I love going on adventures with people and capturing those moments too. I feel pulled towards capturing memories, towards documenting memories and moments in every day life. I love taking authentic lifestyle photos that reflect something real and true about the people in them and the moments they're experiencing. Not overly posed, or in an all-white studio, or with fancy lights. Just humans together in a comfortable and natural environment, with natural light and a smile on their faces. These kinds of images and videos are the ones that speak to me and spark my inspiration. 

Beth was a dream to photograph! I love that she let me mess up her hair and that she laughed at all the silly things I said, and I also love that she didn't mind whipping her head around over and over so I could play with my shutter speed haha! I also think the light was beautiful in some of these photos. Thank you for a lovely afternoon, Beth, let's do it again some time.