Snow Day

So, last week as I'm sure everyone can remember, the UK decided it wasn't done with winter yet and snow began to fall. It wasn't all bad, though. Snow is super inconvenient and does disrupt our plans (Matt and I were planning on travelling up to Scotland to visit friends, but we had to cancel!) but there's also something do dang cozy and homey about snow that makes me want to cuddle up and bury myself under blankets, drink hot drinks, watch movies and relax at home with my husband and cats.

So, that's exactly what we did. Instead of driving up to Scotland for an adventure (a very snowy, and probably dangerous, under the circumstances, adventure), we decided to take a stroll through the park in the snow, and then come home, bake a cake and cook yummy food and relax together in our cozy space.

We also spent the time chatting about our plans for the future, praying together, reading together, and getting really excited about our life together! It was a much needed rejuvenating day. We made a cute little video, and took some photos too. I hope you enjoy seeing this little slice into our lives together.