Salisbury Crags | Adventure Session | Scotland Photographer

Yesterday we hung out with Michael and explored a bit more of Holyrood Park. It was early morning, the air was clear and the views were incredible.

One of my favourite things about being a photographer is meeting new people, which is a sentence that I never thought i’d hear myself say, or, i guess, see myself type. I’ve always considered myself more of an introvert than an extrovert, and i think in a lot of ways i still am, but photography has given me such a drive to explore this world and to meet and tell the stories of as many humans as possible. And, I love it. It gives me so much life!

People are amazing, and I love getting to know them, walking with them, talking with them, + getting all funky + creative with them! And when you meet someone who is totally down for that too, that’s when the magic happens!

Here are some of the photos that we captured yesterday. If you’re pondering taking a trip to the crags in Holyrood Park, the answer should always be yes. With views of Edinburgh as well as Arthur’s seat, it’s pretty spectacular. And if you’re considering getting some rad photos in a cool place and making some new friends while you’re at it, fire me a message. Let’s make some memories and get creative together.


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